Wind Barrier Systems created its market on Guardrail Systems in 1978, added new products in this market, and it has been a leader with its projects on bridge and road protection systems in Turkey and also worldwide.

As a local funded Wind Barrier Systems, with the importance we give to R&D studies in the steel and machinery sector, they have modern production facilities and standards that they have created. We are Turkey based company which exports products to more than 10 countries.

Wind Barrier Systems is a leading company in the sector. They have a corporate company with really experienced employees, and their effort is to make their corporate company world-class while competing with the rivals.

Wind Barrier Systems add value to their projects with their creative side. They develop and produce innovative features and capacities by using technology correctly in their specialized field of guardrail systems and selling these products to domestic and international markets, and organizing after-sales services.

As a manufacturer of guardrail systems, Wind Barrier Systems will always contribute to the national economy with thier human-oriented attitude.


Our mission is to have a structure that always aims to develop while providing quality, reliable, appropriate products and services related to the machinery and steel industry. We also aim to maintain our place among the sought-after organizations in the sector by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level in Turkey and abroad.


We have a growth structure that is open to innovations with a leadership approach in every subject, always offers the best products and services to our customers, strives to develop new products, and is beneficial to society with our employees.

Our Values

  • Quality and reliability-oriented working approach
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Encouraging and supporting the personal development of employees
  • Internal and external communication quality
  • Protect the moral values
  • Teamwork